German PIWIs

German PIWI Grapes

Germany has the most extensive breeding program at this time, with three institutes (JKI, Frieberg and Giesenheim) contributing to developing modern PIWI grapevines.

Available PIWI Varieties

Other German PIWI Varieties

Though there are extensive breeding programs in the EU, access for Canadian growers is currently not available for these varieties. Specific varieties, like Villaris, which is a Vidal Blanc cross, would offer significant fungus resistance improvements over Vidal while having a similar flavour profile, sugar and acidity with cold hardiness.

Part of PIWI Canadaโ€™s goal is to increase access to these varieties.


๐Ÿ““Villaris๐Ÿ““Calardis Blanc๐Ÿ““Calardis Musque
JKI PIWI Grape Varieties (PDF / German)6018.9KB


๐Ÿ““Souvignier Gris๐Ÿ““Phoenix
WBI (Frieberg) Fungus Resistant Grape Varieties1191.1KB

Future variety to keep an eye on: FR 628-2005 R as it has near total Powdery Mildew resistance