Terms & Conditions

PIWI Canada is a regional group of PIWI International and is governed by the articles of association.

Any membership charges will be shown as PIWI Canada on bank statements.

Membership Terms

  1. This membership can be cancelled at any time.
  2. There will be no refund of membership subscriptions already paid after a period of 4 weeks.
  3. The membership fee is an annual contribution and will be billed on the same date yearly unless the membership is cancelled.
  4. PIWI Canada can terminate the contract only for an exceptional reason. An important reason shall particularly exist when members are contrary to the regulations of the association.
  5. As a member of PIWI International, 25€ from each membership is forward to the parent organization for marketing and support purposes.

Billing & Recurring Charges

By signing this form, I authorize PIWI Canada Inc. (displayed as PIWI Canada on bank statements) to charge/debit my account with the annual membership fee. Likewise, I instruct my bank to debit my account in accordance with the instructions from PIWI Canada Inc.

Please note: As a part of my rights, I am entitled to a refund from my bank under the terms and conditions of my agreement with my bank. A refund must be claimed within eight weeks starting from the date on which my account was debited.

Promotional directions for PIWI International members

Members are permitted to refer to their PIWI International membership in the form of continuous text in their print and online media. In this connection, word formations PIWI International members and membership of PIWI International are mandatory. Members are permitted to use the PIWI International logo as a word and design mark on their wine labels and advertising material. Therefore members are granted non-exclusive and non-transferable rights of use. Members are allowed to use the logo of the association only in original colours and negative cutter. All other alterations of logo illustration need to be agreed upon with the PIWI International office.

Personal Data Protection

As PIWI Canada is a regional group of PIWI International, the protection of your personal data will be ruled by whichever country's laws are stricter.

Membership data will be shared with PIWI International for membership benefits, such as annual meeting participation, organization votes, the PIWI Wine Awards and other events offered by PIWI International.

(Sec.1) Upon joining, PIWI International (Canadian Regional Group)(“Society”) registers the new members’ family/given name, date of birth, telephone number(s), email address, physical address and bank details. This data will be stored on the Executive Committee’s computer systems and member administration software program(s).

In this case, personal data will be protected from third-party access through technical and organizational measures. The Society processes or uses other information on (non-)members only if this is individually required to promote the Society's purpose and if there is no reason to believe that data subjects have an interest worthy of protection contrary to processing or usage.

(Sec.2) The Executive Committee informs members about special Society occasions, particularly travels and events, through billposting, letters, media publications and/or the Society’s website. In this context, personal member data may be published to the extent required for reasonable presentation. This also applies to photos and videos made during Society activities. Information may be delivered to members also by email. The Executive Committee hereby confirms that they have taken sufficient technical measures to ensure privacy. Nonetheless, comprehensive data protection when publishing personal member data on the internet cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, Society members acknowledge the risks relating to possible personal rights violations and they are aware that personal data can also be accessed in countries with lower data protection levels compared to those of the Canada; personal data confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and availability is not guaranteed.

The Society member voluntarily decides to publish his/her data on the internet. Members (and/or their representatives) may, at any time, (generally or individually) object to publication of their data by referring to the President, in which case the members’ data will not longer be published.

(Sec. 3) Only Executive Committee members and, if need be in individual cases, other members, having certain managing functions depending on the occasion, requiring access to member data will be given a digital or printed list of members showing required member data. Regular handling of member data is determined in a record of processing activities. The President is the data controller.

Based on the German Federal Data Protection Act, each member has a right to receive information on his/her personal data, the recipients in the case of data transfers and the purpose of storage and he/she has the rights to correction, erasure and data blockage. The Society may process or use (such as for advertising purposes) the data in other ways exceeding its tasks and purposes according to the Articles only if they must do so for legal reasons or if members consented to this. The sale of the data shall be prohibited.

(Sec. 4) Upon withdrawal, member data under sec. 1 will be deleted from the list of members. Personal data of withdrawing members relating to payment administration will be stored by the Treasurer pursuant to tax law provisions for up to ten years from withdrawal confirmation in writing.

Alexander Morandell, President PIWI International Dated: 01/12/2020

I read and understood the “Personal Data Handling Leaflet”. I hereby agree to my data provided on the membership application form to be used pursuant to the Society’s Articles and this data protection leaflet.