French Hybrids

Modern French Hybrids

These vines may be available in the future through VineTech, however when they will be available is unknown as there may be import or licensing issues that need to be resolved.


Older French Hybrids

These varieties are well-known to Canadian growers and are widely planted. They do offer some of the benefits of fungus resistance as well as cold weather tolerance.

๐Ÿ““Baco Noir๐Ÿ““Chambourcin๐Ÿ““Seyval Blanc๐Ÿ““Vidal Blanc๐Ÿ““Villard Blanc

Research Varieties

These are varieties that have been developed and named but may not be commercially available yet. The breeding and development methods offer insight into the future of PIWI grapes, so looking at the pedigree of these grapes is more of a curiosity but still relevant because even in France, the development of PIWI grapes is moving forward.