US Hybrids

US Hybrid (PIWI) Grapes

The three main contributors to grapevine research in the United States are Cornell University in New York, the University of Minnesota and Davis University in California.

Grapevine University Research Programs

Cornell University

Aromella (Ravat 34 and Traminette) and Valvin Muscat (Muscat du Moulin (Coderc 603) x Muscat Ottonel)

University of Minnesota

Cold weather research. The variety Marquette has Ravat Noir in its lineage and Itasca and Clarion have Seyval Blanc.

📓🟢Clarion📓🟢🟣Frontenac📓🟢Itasca📓🟢La Crescent📓🟣Marquette📓🟣Fay Rouge
US Hybrid Notes for Canadian Growers The vines from Cornell and Minnesota use labrusca in their breeding programs, and the VQA specifically excludes any vines from the program that have labrusca in their lineage, though this isn’t the case. The VQA does list some varieties with labrusca, most likely accidentally, but if you are seeking a VQA designation, these vines may be problematic.
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University of California, Davis

Mostly vinifera but has done work on Pierce's disease and curated a large collection of grapevine varieties. Aside from getting Fay Rouge, which is mostly vinifera but includes Ravat Noir as a grandparent and includes Munson and labrusca in its genetic history.

Pierce’s disease resistance

Vitis arizonica - Camminare noir, Paseante Noir, Caminante blanc, Ambulo blanc and Errante noir

V. arizonica has single dominant gene for resistance to PD and it’s homozygous