๐ŸŸฃ Monarch


Wine Description

Deep-coloured wines with violet reflections. Intense fruit flavours with notes of plum and cherry. On the palate soft and rich. Even at fairly low must weights, production of full-bodied, soft red wines is possible.


Peronospora: good

Oidium: good

Botrytis: good


Budding: some days before Pinot Noir

Blooming period: with Pinot Noir

Bunch closing: with Pinot Noir

Vรฉraison: some days before Pinot Noir

Harvest: immediately before or with Pinot Noir

Coulure: low to medium

Grape stalk necrosis: low

Grapes: large-sized

Crop level: 145 โ€“ 165 kg/a

Must weight: slightly lower than Pinot Noir

Rot percentage: very low

Wine:ย fruity with intense colour, rich in phenolic compounds

Crossing:ย (Merzling X (Zarya Severa X Muskat Ottonel)) X Dornfelder