๐ŸŸฃ Regent


Ripens a few days before Baco Noir


Peronospora: very good

Oidium: very good

Botrytis: very good

Regent is a crossing of Diana X Chambourcin. Diana is a crossing of Silvaner X Mรผller-Thurgau; Chambourcin is a complex French hybrid grape variety.

Regent is a dark-skinned interspecific hybrid grape variety.

Regent is a cool-weather red winegrape.

Grapes:ย Regent provides medium-sized grapes and clusters

Wine:ย Regent wines are color intensive red wines with moderate acidity, can have high tannin content and show aromas of cherries or blackcurrants. The wines often reach high alcohol levels since Regent tends to reach high must weights.


Powdery mildew responsive genes of resistant grapevine cultivar 'Regentโ€™

โ€œThe cultivar 'Regent' is resistant to powdery mildew due to an introgression from an American Vitis sp. resistance donor. To identify key regulatory elements in defense responses of 'Regent' we performed transcript analyses after challenging with E. necator inoculation in comparison with a susceptible grapevine.โ€

Regent Fungus Rsistance Study.pdf142.6KB

Impact of Cluster Zone Leaf Removal on Regent Polyphenol Content โ€Leaf removal, especially early defoliation (pre-flowering), enhanced total polyphenol content, including the amount of anthocyanins, flavonols and flavan-3-ols and furthermore, it increased the amount of soluble solids, decreasing the titratable acidity in grapes. On the other hand, the treatments had a reducing impact on the phenolic acids in berries. Defoliation at earlier stages of cluster development appears to be an efficient strategy for improving berry quality in cool climate areasโ€. Link: https://www.mdpi.com/1420-3049/21/12/1688

Impact of Cluster Zone Leaf Removal on Regent635.0KB

Effect of Rootstock on Yield and Quality of Grapevine โ€˜Regentโ€™

The three-year research period indicates that the vines on โ€˜125AAโ€™ tended to produce not only the highest yields but had positive influence on the number and weight of clusters and berry weight as well. Whereas the vines grafted onto โ€˜161-49Cโ€™ gave the lowest yields and had the smallest number of clusters per vine

Effect of Rootstock on Yield and Quality of Regent.pdf852.1KB

Comparative study regarding two German varieties โ€“ Regent and Dornferlder

The two varieties were studied mostly because of their popularity they have in their origin country (Germany), but also because of their resistance in Mildery and Grey rot.

Regent vs Dornfelder.pdf146.4KB